» Important note: Best abstract of each oral and e-poster session will be selected.

General information for oral presentations

    • Papers accepted as oral presentations have been scheduled in the PERSONAL NEUROSURGICAL PRACTICE AND RESEARCH sessions.
    • The official language of the congress is English. Please bear in mind that the majority of the delegates are not native English speakers.
    • The Presenting authors should arrive at the meeting room 15 minutes before the beginning of the session and introduce themselves to the chairpersons.
    • Meeting rooms are equipped for PPT and PPTX  projection. The presentation computers and projectors will be set up and optimized for 16:9 aspect ratio-full HD ( 1920x1080 ) in all meeting rooms.
    • Personal laptops are not permitted. Please bring a copy of your presentation with you on a USB memory stick and deliver it to the technician at the Speakers preview room the day before your session. The technician will migrate your presentation to the corresponding meeting room.
    • The time allotted to each oral presentation is 10 minutes per presentation (8 minutes for presentation and 2 for discussion). Please note that it is very important that for the smooth development of the congress all authors respect the presentation time.
    • The final reference number assigned to your Oral Presentation identifies the Oral session and the Order Presentation. For example, VA1-001 means "VA1"= VAscular session 1, and "001" the order of the Presentation in the session.  GL6-005 means "GL6" = Global Neurosurgery session 6, "005" oral presentation number 5, etc. The other topics and references are: EPI = Epilepsy, FUN = Functional, HY = Hydrocephalus, OC = Oncology, PE = Pediatry, PR = Peripheral, SB = Skull Base, SP = Spine, TR = Trauma and VA = Vascular.


Oral presentations programme

Please check the latest version of the oral presentations programme. There have been some changes regarding rooms and sessions that might have affected you

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